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Hugo McCann

in The DJs
December 27, 2013

Hugo McCann

Hugo McCann started his musical background after being expelled from school aged 15. With way too much time on his hands, he started playing music on an old set of Sony belt-driven turntables. Hugo taught himself how to mix and hit the town! After a trip to Liverpool’s infamous ‘Hard-Dock’ nightclub, and the first whisperings of Techno and Progressive house, he decided that electronic music was the future, and traded his belt-drive kit for a pair of Technics 1210’s.

After playing numerous illegal parties around the City and surrounding Countryside he gained monthly residencies in ‘Temple of Sound’, ‘Ormond Multimedia’ and in ‘The Kitchen’ (the Original Kitchen) at the Clarence Hotel in Dublin owned and run by U2 at the time. Hugo’s DJ career took off quickly and it wasn't long before he was guesting all over the UK and Ireland. In 98 he launched Hit and Run in the temple bar Music Centre. It was an instant hit, especially with big hitting support from Derek M, Podge & Pete (The Shaker) Bones. His djing skills started to attract the talents of promoters as far afield as Vegas and Thailand.

In recent years Hugo has stepped somewhat out of the limelight to concentrate on family and commitments. We are delighted to have Hugo as part of the PHEVER family and although Hugo may not take himself too seriously, his music however, is another story.


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